Let’s Get Political, Political!

Whether we like it or not, politics and health care go hand in hand. According to the United Stated Elections Project, young voters aged 18-29 have the worst voter turnout and is expected to be the worst of the age brackets. If you are registered to vote, the Texas Primary is THIS TUESDAY, March 1, 2016. To find you local precinct, go to http://www.votetexas.gov/voting/where/. You must bring an acceptable form of photo ID to vote.

If you haven’t registered to vote, go to http://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/. VOter registration must be mailed in 30 days prior to election day!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why should I vote? My vote won’t matter anyways!” This is simply not true. Before you vote though, this should help clear things up at least in the healthcare department.

Here is a breakdown of the candidates’s views:

Republican Candidates:

Donald Trump-

  • Wants to get rid of state lines regarding the insurance market to increase market competition
  • Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act
  • Wants to grow economy and preserve Medicare benefits
  • Used to support universal healthcare (2000)

Marco Rubio-

  • Thinks the Affordable Care Act stifles entrepreneurship with regulation
  • Views the Medicaid expansion as a failure because funded only for a few years
  • Wants to expand mental health centers
  • Opposes government- run healthcare
  • During Ebola crisis- said WHO unable to combat crisis; only US able to

John Kasich-

  • Wants to expand Medicaid
  • Opposes the Affordable Care Act

Dr. Ben Carson-

  • Adamantly opposes the Affordable Care Act
  • Supports health savings accounts for families to purchase healthcare
  • Wants to give choice to opt out of Medicare
  • Adamant supporter of vaccinations

Ted Cruz-

  • Adamantly opposes the Affordable Care Act- believes it stifles religious liberty
  • Supports raise in Medicare eligibility age to continue program
  • Supports market-based health insurance
  • Disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts’ vote on the Affordable Care Act

Democratic Candidates:

Hillary Clinton-

  • Supports mandated health insurance
  • Supports universal healthcare coverage
  • Supports pre-existing condition coverage to avoid insurance companies cherry picking
  • Has extensive voting record supporting government-run healthcare and repercussions on insurance companies

Bernie Sanders-

  • Supports the Affordable Care Act but prefers single-payer system
  • Wants to expand mental health coverage to reduce homicides and suicides
  • Has extensive voting record supporting public health coverage
  • Wants guaranteed healthcare for all

That’s all folks! Now go vote!