Submitted by Tristan Dorn

Did you know that homelessness affects 564,708 people every night in the United States? The National Alliance to End Homelessness outlines that many homeless people and families need resources and assistance to help them get back on their feet. Much of the population that is categorized as “homeless” are able to recover from their situation with a helping hand.

If you or someone you know need shelter or other services, the following link can be used to find shelters and services near Richardson and the surrounding area: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/city.cgi?city=Richardson&state=TX

If you are not struggling with homelessness, please consider volunteering your time in order to help these individuals and families continue to use the resources and services provided by organizations.  Your time may just be the little extra help someone else needs.


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