Comet Cupboard for Hungry Students

Submitted by Tristan Dorn

College students often run into financial difficulty. According to study performed by Ohio State University, 70 percent of college students have monetary problems. While this study focused on the impact of loans and monthly expenses as a whole, living on a tight budget can have very real implications on a financially-stretched student’s daily life.

Here at UTD, there is a resource available to students who are in a bind and need a little assistance to help them get to their next pay day or toward a better financial situation. The Comet Cupboard is a food pantry that runs off of the monetary and itemized donations from students, staff, and members of the community. It offers nonperishable food and personal care items to all students free of charge. This service can be used twice a week to help our classmates, peers, or even ourselves make ends’ meet.

The Comet Cupboard is located in MC 1.604, in the basement of the McDermott Library, and it is open to students Monday-Friday from 12pm-6pm during the regular academic session.


To make a donation, Comet Cupboard has drop off locations throughout campus:

Multicultural Center, Student Services Building SSB 2.400

Office of Stem & Research, Founders Building FO 3.118 (Drop Box outside of office)

Information Resources, ROC (Main hallway of second floor)

Comet Cupboard, McDermott Library MC 1.604 (Drop box outside of Comet Cupboard)

Comet Cupboard Office MC 1.302 (SSC Suite)

Submitted by Tristan Dorn


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