UT Dallas Emergency Medical Response Volunteer Opportunity

If you are EMT-B certified, this is a great volunteer opportunity! Copied below is information regarding UT Dallas Emergency Medical Response:

UT Dallas Emergency Medical Response is looking for more EMT-B certified volunteers. If you are EMT-B certified and want to be a part of this service on campus, contact the UTD Police Department or Umer Nadir: Umer.Nadir@utdallas.edu

UT Dallas Emergency Medical Response is an initiative focused on providing quality, campus-centered emergency medical care to the UT Dallas main campus. It is a volunteer, First-Responder Organization with professionally trained students and faculty who will be on scene to treat emergent medical cases. In truly emergent cases, seconds save lives, and UTD EMS would help shorten emergency response time and improve the accessibility of care for members of the UTD community.

The volunteers hold, at minimum, an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Basic License. They would operate under Basic Life Support (BLS) standards of care, which include CPR, respiratory assistance, splinting, basic medication assistance, and other basic, non-invasive life support methods all under the direction of a medical director from UT Southwestern Medical Center. UTD EMS works in concert with Richardson Fire Department and the UTD Police Department to ensure that the care provided is held to professional standards. They will provide their services at special events by request, such as university-wide events, NCAA sporting events, and student organization events. As they grow in membership and experience, they will expand to provide a more comprehensive, 24/7 emergency medical response to all on-campus 9-1-1 emergencies.


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